Change is good.

We have changed the forums on this site to be much better. The Official Reality Forums are now hosted at RuntimeDNA. RuntimeDNA’s forum software is much better than what we have on this site, and the company was already hosting the official Reality 3 for Poser forums. It made sense to have a single location for all things about Reality, both for Studio and for Poser.

The new link to the forums is:

The old forums can still be found here in the “Old Forums” link at the top of the page.

The old forums are now set to be read-only so now new posts can be added, but you can continue the discussion in the new forums. Please do.

Login for ACSEL

If you are looking for a way to add your login information for using the ACSEL database, please use this link.

New Gallery

There is also a new gallery at RuntimeDNA, dedicated to images made with Reality. The gallery at DNA is a great way of showcasing your artwork in front of a community of thousands and thousands of artists like you.

The new forums at RuntimeDNA are faster, better, and with more features than our old forums. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible, when it comes to using our products. While the hosting platform is different I remain the moderator of those Reality forums, so you can count on the same level of attention and dedication that you experienced here, at

This site remains the central resource for everything related to Reality. We are simply focusing our resources so that we can give you an even better service. As our family of products is going to expand with the addition of Reality 3 for Poser, we are gearing up so that all Reality users will have the excellent service that they deserve.


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