Iray Roughness maps are Inverted to Luxrender

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Iray Roughness maps are Inverted to Luxrender

Postby Rivaliant » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:44 am

I'm not sure if this was ever brought up
so I'm doing it now

But any Roughness maps that come with any Iray ready scenes, are inverted to how luxrender will read it

for Iray its Roughness, meaning 0 is glossy and 1 is rough
so in relation to a roughness map
Black has no effect, and 255 white has effect to roughness to the max value set for the Roughness setting in Iray Surface

Luxrender/Reality is the other way around with
So in relation to a roughness map
Black is 0% gloss and 255 white has a effect to the level of Gloss to its Max set by your Glossiness setting

This is a test image i made
the numbers indicate the level of black on the numbers themselves
from there its self explanatory
set on a black color plane with the tokyo big sight IBL for testing resulted in this in iray

and this in luxrender

I figure having reality simply invert the image might be asking for to much

I just wanted to make everyone aware of this

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