are there any DAZ studio users here

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are there any DAZ studio users here

Postby davefollmers » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:36 am


I am interested in learning about and using the resources shared in this forum in DAZ studio for rendering and have no scripting experience whatsoever but from what I can ascertain an mdl shader can be in any program with iray as a renderer using the materials exchange. just do silly animations myself I post on youtube but there are a lot of more serious artists also using DAZ studio however not a lot of easy to find info on this forum as of yet esumably as is iray fairly new to DAZ studio.One thing I am extremely curious about is panoramic shaders and if someone compiled an MDL one if it could be used in DAZ studio to render panoramic images?There is no spherical camera in DS.Also I am primarily a Carrara and Octane user and heard a rumour MDL may one day be read by Octane 3 I do of course already render 360 images there so not an issue but nonetheless a pipeline I hope comes to fruition so I can use all the DS shader and others there too.

Please help

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