Easy Gun Muzzle Flash

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Easy Gun Muzzle Flash

Postby Nathanomir » Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:48 am

This process is similar to my Effective Smoke Using a Prop tutorial. In fact, it uses a prop from the same package, Smay's Smoke and Fire Set:

Here is the concept in action.


Start with the Jet Fire prop from Smay's set. It looks like this.


It's easy to stretch if you want more fire to the sides of the muzzle, or a longer tongue of flame extending forward.

It has three materials zones. Convenient, eh?

Place the Jet Fire prop at the muzzle of your firearm of choice. Then, shrink it to look right. The prop in my example was shrunk to 5%.

Place a spotlight inside the prop, and shrink it to fit. Again, in my example, it was shrunk to 5%. Open the barn doors to between 90 and 120 degrees.

In Reality, turn all three material zones for the Jet Fire prop to Null. See where we're going?

Set up a different volume for each material zone. For convenience, I named them Flame 1, Flame 2, and Flame 3. All three were set to Scattering Color 20, 20, 20, and Scattering Scale 2. For Flame 1, I set Absorption Color to pure yellow: 255, 255, 0. Flame 2's Absorption Color was set to pale yellow: 255, 255, 100. Scattering Color for Flame 3 was set to orange: 255, 102, 0. Set your scales and colors to suit your personal taste.

Obviously, the pure yellow overpowers the other two colors, but that's fine. They provide subtle nuances.

In Materials, set each volume to match each material zone for the Jet Fire Prop. Flame 1 = Inner Volume for Material 1, etc. Just like you'd do for fog. Set Outer Volume to Air.

The spotlight won't need to be bright to do the job. Mine are set at a gain of 1, and temperature of 6500. The prop handled the rest.

This prop works for modern guns. For muzzle loaders, it won't. The sheet of smoke and tongue of fire belched by a Brown Bess is as long as the barrel. For that, I'd recommend the Dragon Fire prop from Raw Art's Raw Energy Effects pack. It's the right length and shape, and has inner and outer material zones that ought to give great effects in a render. If you want to get really fancy, the Dragon Fire prop is easy to map with a diffuse map and transparency map.

If these two props don't work for you, try another one. As long as it will hold a volume, you can fill it with fire.
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Re: Easy Gun Muzzle Flash

Postby TransformerMan » Sun Sep 11, 2016 4:37 am

Very nice! I tried using a similar technique to do laser beams at some point, with unimpressive results. Just regular lights worked much better. This however, looks quite cool. Gotta try it at some point. Thanks!

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