Massive problems with presets

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Massive problems with presets

Postby vaden » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:04 pm

Hello, been using Reality for a long time now, and I know that is pretty much given up on/discontinued, but can we still get any real support anymore?

I have been working on a web comic idea and made a team of mercenaries in Poser. Each character has different dedicated skins and morphs and I have been trying to get material presets saves in Reality, so I can pose, fire up reality and have each of the characters in the scene load into Reality with their own presets, as there are different skin tones, bump map levels ets etc.

So heres my character CREATION process from a-z
1) Load a fresh form into poser (v3 or v4), adjust body morphs, apply a custom made skin, modifying every material node individually so they are perfectly uniform in Poser to only have the diffuse texture (skin) and a custom bump map for each zone (bump)
2) After every material node is modified to that character, which involves pointing the diffuse and bump texture to the appropriate folders on my hard drive for that character, and removing all extraneous Poser nodes, I then save that character in Poser so I can pull them up and add to scene at any time.
3) I then load that character into a fresh Poser scene, save it, open Reality and start setting it up to be a automatic preset, so when I load a few of them in, Reality would hopefully load the settings for each character and cut down on my pre-render setup time.
4) After setting up each material node on the character in Reality the way I want them (change to Skin, set bump level), I highlight the modified nodes and save as automatic preset.

This is the process thats killing me, I have well over 50+ hours trying to get this process to work properly in Reality. I had a few of the characters saved and they worked *most* of the time but now that I've gone back to it after a few month hiatus, it just doesn't work properly.

One character ALWAYS goes full silver metallic. I loaded in two other characters with their automatic presets and besides very subtle differences in specular, there is absolutely no difference in the shader nodes in Reality. Each character has their own hi res skin and bump map, which Reality sees just fine, but this character just refuses to be anything but silver. I am at a loss, and with the time I have wrapped up, I am really frustrated that I may have to dump reality and figure out how to do material nodes in Poser to work with Superfly, which sucks because Reality is what gives my scenes their difference from others who use only Poser.

Any help with saving these presets for characters? I use a ton of presets that I have made for different outfits and vehicles and they all seem to work pretty good. Characters are really killing me and squashing my dreams of ever getting this project going

i7 8700K
32GB DDR3200
geForce 1080
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Poser Pro 11.1
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