I've been waiting a week can I get some help?

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I've been waiting a week can I get some help?

Postby Markastellor » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:36 am

I posted a week ago with a registration problem. It must be baffling others too as there has been no response.

This is probably not a typical user problem. I bought Reality for both Poser and Daz Studio. I had no trouble downloading and installing the program to Poser. But I can't download the Daz Studio version.

I thought I might not have registered it, but when I try to retrieve my license I get this response (this is exact, I'm doing a cut and paste) "Your license information was found. We have sent you a copy of the license data via email to . Make sure that the message was not trapped in your spam folder."

Note: I did not cut my email address out of this. There was just a blank space after "We have sent you a copy of the license to" When I got my Poser license it had my email address written out. I have received no email regarding the Daz License. Checked the spam folder. Tried this multiple times. When I try the same thing with my poser version, I do get an email.

Is it possible I made a mistake in the registration process? When I try to download the program At any rate I'm stuck here. I can't download the program and there seems to be no way to get started.

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