Lighting: Luxrender vs Iray

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Lighting: Luxrender vs Iray

Postby Nyghtfall » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:40 am

I just posted this on a message board I frequent, and decided to share it here as well. The person I was responding to was not aware that Reality can create mesh lights.

Turning meshes into lights has been one of Reality's principle features, and main selling points, since its debut, in 2010. However, unlike Iray, converted meshes are also conveniently assigned to Light groups that can be independently tweaked in Lux while rendering.

With Iray, you can tweak the Emission shader for any mesh you've applied it to while setting up your scene, but once you start rendering, they're locked in because Iray's progress window blocks DS, and the only lighting attribute you can adjust while rendering is Tonemapping. Thankfully, DS's Iray Draw Style helps make up for that limitation by letting you use the Viewport to preview your scene with Iray before starting the render process. I used that feature all the time. Incidentally, the Iray Draw Stye also offers a slight advantage over Lux by providing real-time feedback for any lighting adjustments you make prior to rendering.

So, the question for artists deciding which engine to use is, "Would you prefer a real-time preview of your scene before rendering, or would you rather be able to make lighting adjustments even... say... 5 hours into a render, without having to start over?"

For me, after rendering Pret-a-3D's new with Reality, the answer was crystal clear. That's a key advantage of Lux that I'd forgotten how much I missed until I started using it again. Hence, my return to Reality.
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Re: Lighting: Reality vs Iray

Postby pciccone » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:48 am

Thank you for the detailed report Nyghtfall.

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Re: Lighting: Luxrender vs Iray

Postby Bobvan » Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:07 pm

I am having fun using both.The problem with draw is when trying to set heavy loaded scenes painful. Tone mapper restarting the render

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