Playing around with Perfect Shot

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Playing around with Perfect Shot

Postby Gederix » Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:20 am

In my ongoing quest to improve my render skills I've been playing around with the Perfect Shot free reality download Paolo made available a few weeks ago. The original scene is set up for creating portrait type renders, and is composed of a top, front and side mesh (also a background plane that provides some light bounce, but I am not using it for my fiddlings) which along with the camera settings produces a very nice shot that Paolo uses for his promo shots.
I figured it would be worth a look to see how he approached setting up that scene, lights, camera, distance, whatever.
So I decided to see what would happen if I dropped the perfect shot lights in other scenes I had done previously and compare. I posted a portrait-ish shot of my latest Drow dark elf character in the gallery a few days ago, swapping in a wall from a sewer scene in place of the background plane, and I really liked what I saw, so I have been dropping the lights in other, bigger, non portrait scenes and in so doing discovered the light rig is bigger than it looks and adapts to larger scenes quite easily. Anyway, this has been an interesting education, I tend to favor smaller meshes with long snoots so I can control the light cones and leave the corners, background, etc cloaked in shadows (well in fantasy/horror/gloom type renders) but to be honest I am enjoying the clarity that the perfect shot light rig provides, so now I am rethinking how I approach lighting. Which is a good thing.

Also, its nice to have an example of a camera setup, fstop, shutter, iso, etc, so someone like me who really has been teaching himself by reading this forum, daz, youtube, etc, has something concrete to work with.

This is the dark elf I just stuck in the gallery:

These links are deviantart and my images are behind a maturity filter so (free) membership required
Content warning: some of my gallery subject matter is not for kids/work/people with no sense of humor - so peruse at your own risk... :)

Same dark elf, wider shot:

Same wide shot, two subjects:

And now a comparison shot, old scene:

Perfect Shot version (okay the scenes are not identical as I reworked most of the materials on the boots and changed some poses here and there but...):

Side note - I dont like to use vanilla clothes, props, armor, etc without doing something to make it 'my own' and reality has been awesome for this, aside from making a transparency map in photoshop to cut out the first elf's chest armor all materials tweaks were done in reality, some more drastic than others, but reality really is so friggin simple to use once you dare to poke around a bit, and I know my depth of knowledge in this is nothing compared to many of you. It's so easy even a Gederix can do it. :mrgreen:

One final comment that has nothing to do with the above - I recently discovered that deviantart has been making my images darker when viewed full size. For some weird reason, if I upload an image at full 1680x1050 rez it will look fine in the gallery view and when first clicked on, but when you then zoom in to full rez or even the intermediate, the whole image displays very dark. I used to think this was somehow a calibration issue or something, as others here suggested when I inquired about it, but it turns out to be some resize issue that shows up as described above, however if I allow deviantart to resize my image to 1024 wide (the only alternate size Ive tested so far) this issue does not appear. Which sucks quite frankly. I am going to post over in their forums about this but I figured Id pass this along here as I know some people here use that site.
The last image I posted above is an example of the 1024 upload.
Anyone who could confirm what Ive just described when viewing my stuff please let me know, or if you do not see this issue also I would like to know that. I plan on testing the various resolutions to see whats what but.... grrrr.

Thanks for reading!


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