Interior Scene with a Sun

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Interior Scene with a Sun

Postby maddoctor » Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:48 am

I'm using the Reality Sun to light an interior scene, I know not the brightest idea, but it turns out very nicely using CPU-no acceleration. However when I use CPU-Acceleration it gives me very odd results. I'm posting a couple of screenshots to illustrate my problem, they have very low samples per pixel (sorry about that) but the problem is very visible already.

Check the two screenshots bellow to see what I mean:
CPU-no acceleration
Full No Accel.jpg

CPU with acceleration
Full Accel.jpg

As you can see I indicate where the problem is, the light of the sky is entering through the walls (!!!) in accelerated mode.
It's interesting to note that if I disable the Sky the two images are nearly the same so the actual "problem" is with the sky.

Any ideas how to make the sky -not- enter through the walls?

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