MAT from Blacksmith to Daz studio and Reality 3D

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MAT from Blacksmith to Daz studio and Reality 3D

Postby pruiz » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:17 am

(1) I create a MAT and save it to Poser runtime. I import MAT to Daz Studio and surfaces/textures are correct, I open Reality and the textures are processed in materials but Reality doesn't pick up the paths and texture images are blank. I can manually populate the textures in reality but this is a pain of course.
[b]I will post this is Reality 3D as well but maybe I'm doing something wrong in Blacksmith when I save MAT. Seems Reality cannot read the paths? Hoping fly028 can help out?
(2) Another unrelated but happening simultaneously strange thing in Reality 3D is that when I add a converted (from Poser) hair.duf in scene - it just does not show up at all. And if I import the hair prop directly from Poser (which used to work) it does not show. Is my Reality 3D corrupted - how do I reset Reality?

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