Reality makes Daz crash

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Re: Reality makes Daz crash

Postby sigstan » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:38 pm

I just updated to latest DS version and latest Nvidia driver for my GTX 970 card (397.93) on Win 10 and have no issue with starting either DS or Reality, so it is not a general issue.

That said you obviously has hit some kind of snag. Possible causes could be:
  • You could have another plugin installed in DS that clashes with Reality (has happened before)
  • Your AV or Windows Defenders blocks either DS or Reality
  • GPU driver issue
  • Reality installation was not completed (Locked files)
Obviously it could also be something completely different, but past experiences says the above are the most likely causes.

Some things to try out:
  • Try disabling other plugins and see, if this allows Reality to run. As an example Octane Plug-in at one point prevented Reality from starting. I think because Octane was not behaving correctly with other render-engine plug-ins.
  • Try disabling Any AV/Firewall including Windows Defender to ensure that this is not the issue. Put in exceptions for Reality/DS, if necessary.
  • Install latest GPU drivers. Always download drivers manually (don't use Geforce Experience or similar) and install using Clean Install option. This will insure that OpenCL libraries are cleaned up and only relevant files present.
  • When installing Reality, always make sure you do it right after a reboot to insure no files are locked.
Hope this helps.

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