Reality on the Web

There are several places you can go to find Reality on the web below is a list of where they are!

Pret-a-3D Official Website: Here you find all information about the Reality Plug-in including the Reality User Guide (RUG), along with Newsletters, blogs just to mention a few. If you haven't been there it worth it to check it out.

Pinterest Preta3d: If you haven't been to Pinterest we urge you to visit our board. We wanted a place were we could collect in one place a wide range of things that would help the Reality artist. We have individual boards for many different topics. Here are just a few: User created tutorials, Official Reality Video's, User created videos, references. If you have a Pinterest account we hope that you will follow us as we try to update the boards regularly.

Reality Plug-in on Facebook: Yes we have a Facebook page. If you are on Facebook please visit and follow us. There are daily post of images and updates.

Twitter @preta3d: We also have a Twitter presence also day tweets.

Twitter @RealityPaolo: Reality Develompent updates

Google + Reality: You can find us on Google + with daily posts and updates so if you don't use Facebook you won't miss anything.

Instagram The Instagram page showcases the works of talented Reality artist.

PretA3D YouTube Channel: Where you can find all of the Reality free tutorials created by Pret-a-3D

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