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If you need to remove all the Reality data form a Poser scene follow this procedure:

  • Close Poser
  • Make a copy of the scene file
  • Open the scene file using a text editor. Make sure to not use a text editor and not word processor, or your file will be corrupted.
  • Search for the string “addonData” (without quotes)
  • Delete the block of data from the start of the addonData text to the matching close curly brace, the “}”.
  • Save the file and re-load if in Poser, all Reality data will be re-initialized

For example, if at the end of the file you see:

} } textureFile { file "" warped 0 } } } addonData {"com.preta3d.Reality": {"patchVersion": 1, "cameras": <<long block of text>>> } setGeomHandlerOffset 0 0.3487 0 } You will want to delete from the beginning “a” of “addonData”, all the way to the the matching “}”. Whi will give you the following: } } textureFile { file "" warped 0 } } } setGeomHandlerOffset 0 0.3487 0 }

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