Reality Material Correction

Sometimes the result of a conversion of materials, from Poser to Reality, might not be what was expected. In some rare cases it does not match the original result at all. This is generally caused by materials that use some of the most esoteric features of Poser and a lot of mathematical nodes.

This situation is particularly rare for skin materials, which Reality converts very well. Much testing has been devoted to this are of the material converter.

LuxRender materials have a lot of features built-in that don’t require all the fancy math used with biased renderers. For example, the Glossy material has built-in IOR of the glossy coat and the reflectivity of the material is physically accurate, which means that, straight out of the box, the material reflects the surrounding objects, a feature that needs to programmed in many biased renderers. Because of these built-in features, a lot of nodes that are employed by advanced Poser materials are not needed by Reality and are ignored during the conversion.
Unfortunately it can happen that those advanced operations confuse the conversion process, with the result of creating an unexpected result.

No problem, Reality has a full-featured material editor exactly to allow us to quickly handle this kind of situations. In this short tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily edit a material and return it to its intended glory.



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