Reality for Poser version has been released.
This version includes important bug fixes which improve stability and compatibility with more Poser figures.
Here is the list of changes:
  • Updated the exporter to handle some objects that caused the Reality exporter to abort with a message in the “Main Wacros” window of Poser.
  • Fixed export of parented objects
  • Fixed crash when converting Ramp nodes (Band texture in Lux)
  • Added support for Genesis.
  • When editing materials or other information in Reality the Poser scene is now flagged as “in need to be saved”.
  • When deleting some objects in the Poser scene Reality did not remove the corresponding entry in its database. This is working now.
  • Fixed exception when entering the Setup room with objects in the scene.
  • Changed saving of of image map file to be more robust.
  • Improved handling of situations where the user doesn’t have write rights for the scene file.
  • Changed light exporter to set light strategy of “one” when using the GPU.
  • Fixed errors when applying some materials (Poser mt5 files).
  • Fixed alpha channel use for mesh lights. Previously mesh lights always had an alpha channel regardless of what was selected in the light editor.
  • Fixed range for the IBL Y-axis rotate parameter.
  • Increased maximum limit for 2D texture tiling.
  • Stability fixes.
To update your copy of Reality do as follows:
  • Re-download Reality from the download page.
  • Make sure that Poser and Reality are closed
  • Delete the Reality folder inside the Runtime/Python/addons folder
  • Re-install Reality as described in the Reality User’s Guide using the newly downloaded archive.
To check if you need this update please look in the About box of Reality, available from the program’s menu. If the version shown is then you don’t need to update.
If the version number shown is different then you need to update your installation of Reality.
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