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Today we have sent the new update of Reality, version, to all distributors: DAZ, Renderosity, Smith Micro, RuntimeDNA and Hivewire 3D. Shortly you should see notices from them that the update is available. Please give time for those companies to process the update. They have many things to do and Reality 4 is just one of the many products that they handle. Typically it takes a couple of days for updates to be applied.

To update your copy of Reality you just need to re-download  the zipfile from the same place where you downloaded it originally: if you purchased from DAZ then download Reality from your DAZ page. If you purchased from Renderosity download from the Renderosity order page and so on. Please avoid downloading from our server if you purchased Reality from a distributor. That will allow us to minimize our costs and it will keep our server running smoothly. We don’t have the server bandwidth of the distributors.

Reality 4.0.7 contains crucial improvements and this version is recommended for all users of Reality 4, both Poser and DAZ Studio edition.

Here is the list of the changes:

  • Fixed geo-grafting for DAZ Studio
  • Fixed bug that prevented rendering multiple hair props and other props in Poser
  • Added synchronization of the Diffuse texture
  • Added morph to scale the gobo of the mesh light
  • Added morph to scale the snoot edge of the mesh light
  • Added workaround for LuxRender 1.3 bug that causes textures to be lost when using Pure GPU rendering
  • Changing the size of the sun now shows in LuxRender
  • Fixed bug that prevented editing the sky intensity and type
  • Fixed restoring of light presets when loading a saved scene
  • Recognition of new materials is now immediate (Poser/Studio)
  • Changed LEM (Light Emitting Material) naming to separate each LEM for each object
  • Slight change in the how Generic Presets work so that the cornea of characters defaults to clear glass
  • Numerous fixes to the Reality User’s Guide
  • Fixed bug that caused unavoidable crash of Reality when a mirror material had the alpha channel different from default
  • Fixed bug that caused the Automatic Preset to not be restored from a loaded scene
  • Added “Keep UI responsive” flag in the Advanced tab
  • When converting from Color math to Color, where the Texture A is of type color, the color is preserved
  • Fixed exporting of Mix texture for numeric types, for example, when used for Bump mapping
  • Fixed bug that caused Reality to “forget” a shutter speed of 1/30
  • Increased the limits for displacement
  • Speed improvements
  • Added FLM save optimization (conserves RAM when running LuxRender)

Please note that the file name for the zipfile has not changed. To install this update you simply need to run the Reality 4 installer and make sure that you select the same destination for the install that you selected before. Obviously, Poser, DAZ Studio and Reality must NOT be running when running the installer. We suggest to actually reboot your computer before doing the installation.

Happy rendering.

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