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Wait a second, you might say, I just downloaded Reality 4.2 and you are already talking about 4.2.1?

Yep! We are not resting on our laurels here 🙂

Reality 4.2.1 is all about improving usability. For example, the Lux scene file name is now gone. All you have to chose is the name of the image file. Simpler is better.
The general UI is also getting streamlined, removing the round-edge borders around the texture preview. Several terms have been simplified to make the UI more artist-friendly. The Copy/Paste/Paste-with-textures options have been added to the right-click menu, as they were in Reality 2 (we heard you!). The Metal material now has the Custom metal option enabled by default, if the original material has an image texture in it.

There is also the usual group of fixes of a few nagging issues.

Reality 4.2.1 should be out in a few days.


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