The new Genesis Supersuit is quite the success among Studio users. Like all Genesis products it does not work in Poser.

I’m reading that this product also requires a lot of manual work to render it via Reality.

It seems that DAZ has not provided working shaders for using this product with Reality, which is quite surprising.

DAZ has used Reality internally for a long time. While Reality tries hard to convert Studio shaders automatically it’s important to know that Lux’s shaders are much different. If a product makes use of shading techniques that address specifically the 3Delight rendering pipeline there is not much that can be done by anybody to convert those shaders. The author of the product has to address this issue.

Given the large installed base of Reality it’s the role of PAs to make sure that their product works with Reality. I suggest that all the users of the Supersuit contact DAZ with a technical support request and specifically with a request for ACSEL shaders for the suit. The ACSEL Share catalog is open to anybody and DAZ can simply prepare and share ACSEL shaders for this product and share them using the Reality built-in facilities.

Until PAs, in this case DAZ, hear the complaints from the customers, though, it’s unlikely that they will act in the right direction.

Let your voice be heard!

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