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Happy Halloween Reality people.

Reality has reached a milestone. All the features have been finished and now we are in the final phase of testing, documenting and configuring. There is a still a lot of work to be done but the hardest part is over.

This is what we need to do:

  • Thoroughly test the program. Our fearless beta testers are doing that. We have 27 open bugs at this time and some of them are already closed, they just need to be verified. More bugs might come out, we need to have enough time to let them surface. This is a tie when we all concentrate on creating real scenes and put the program under some real-life pressure.
  • Write the documentation. Reality is a very sophisticated program and it includes full documentation. For this version there are many new features and UI improvement that need to be well documented. Reality always had one of the best user’s guides in the business and that tradition continues with this version.
  • Include new lights and props that we are developing. Reality will come with improved content.
  • Include presets for several materials and for popular products.
  • Prepare the server software to handle the upgrade process.

It’s scary stuff but we will slash and chainsaw through that list and I will keep you posted.

Golden nightmares!