Reality for Poser Masterclass with Paolo Ciccone

The Reality 3 for Poser Masterclass teaches practical techniques for effective lighting and material editing. The lessons are divided in topics that address specific issues, like creating a moon light, using skydomes efficiently or creating advanced materials that mix textures together. This masterclass has been recorded live by Paolo Ciccone, author of the Reality plug-in. Paolo gives his unique knowledge of the way Reality and LuxRender work with specific, problem-solving techniques that can be used in every-day situations. The class is made of two High-Definition videos that can be downloaded and played on your computer or iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone).

Part 1 (~45 minutes):

Reality for Poser Masterclass
  • Mesh light, spots, Sun, IBL? When is the right time to use one or the other?
  • How to use skydomes efficiently
  • Combining lights together: how to fake sunlight when using a skydome
  • Understanding color temperature. Real life light can be seen as warm or cool. This property is expressed with a color temperature. In this section we understand exactly what that means and how to use it in Reality.
  • How and when to use IBL. Image Based Lighting can create very realstic effects. IBL in Reality and Lux is quite different from how it works in Poser. In this section we see how to take advantage of the advanced IBL options in Reality and when it’s appropriate to do so.

Part 2  (~2 Hours):

Reality for Poser Masterclass - Part 2

  • How to create a moonlight. Lux has a sun light but not moon light. Here we see how we simulate moon like the Hollywood pros.
  • Reality has a very powerful material editor that can be used to create sophisticated effects. Here we see how to take advantage of it. You might want to simply change things like the level of glossiness or create a completely different material from scratch. This section of the tutorial gives you the key of understanding the Reality Material Editor.
  • Easy use of procedural textures for great effects. Procedural texture are computer-generated patters that offer tremendous flexibility. Here we see how to use them with some practical examples that can come in handy everyday.
  • Understanding specular color and glossiness. Plastic and rubber, glossy paper and latex, they are all glossy materials, but very different in appearance. Here we see how to simulate them with the Glossy material of Reality.
  • Special effects with transparency. We can create some really amazing effects with procedural textures and transparency.

The Reality 3 for Poser Masterclass is sold by 3DArtLive for $25.00. You can order directly from their page:  Reality 3 for Poser Masterclass