Hello everybody.

I’m back from my vacation in Italy. Two weeks of eating so much amazing Italian food! It was good to see my family after two years and reconnect with my home town of Trieste.

Trieste was founded by the Romans and was granted the status of colony under Julius Caesar, who recorded its name as Tergeste in Commentarii de Bello Gallico (51 BC) (Wikipedia). We still have a Roman amphitheater:

Trieste teatro romano


This visit culminated into an event of historic proportions. Years ago, late 70’s and very early 80’s. I used to play in a band with my great friend Peter Cosmini. As it happens often, life, career and other adventures interjected into that wonderful world and Peter and I stopped playing together. In fact we lost track of each other for years. About three years ago we found each other via Internet and on May 25th, about 33 years after our last jam session, we played together again. What a blast that was. I had not played with a band since I was 19-20 and playing with my dear old friend Peter is a great privilege. Peter is one hell of a drummer who has a natural talent and great musical taste. In this photo you can see me butchering “Highway Star” by Deep Purple 🙂

Trieste: Peter and I

How is all this connected with Reality? It isn’t, except that vacations are good for the mind and so this trip has restored me and made me able to think more clearly, which is good for the final result.

As I came back I prepared a quick update to Reality, beta 7, and sent it to the testers. The scope of this update is to test the switch to the latest version of Qt, 4.8.6. Qt is a large programming framework used to create multi-platform applications. Using Qt we can write applications that can run on several OSes, including Mac OS and Windows. I could obtain a Linux version of Reality probably in a afternoon, if it were needed. Qt is the same framework used by DAZ for Studio. It’s also used by Autodesk for Maya, so we are in good company.

This new version of Qt integrates better with the latest OSes like Mac OS Mavericks and Windows 8.1 so I was eager to check it out. It took about two days to do the switch. Qt is massive and recompiling it on both Mac OS and Windows takes time. Everything seems to be working very well and now I’m back in full development mode for Reality for Studio.

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