It’s been a very busy time in Reality land. Both versions, the Poser Edition and the Studio Edition are now synchronized. This means that, from now on, both editions will be released at the same time and will have the same features.

Reality was first released four years ago. At that time it was possible to only make the Studio version but I always aimed to have versions for Poser and Studio. About two and a half years later the Poser version became a reality, no pun intended, but it was a more modern version than what was available for Studio. Now finally both versions are equal.

The next version of Reality, which will be released at some point this year, will happen for both platforms. In this way Reality artists will have total freedom of choice: you will be able to use Reality with either Poser or Studio, or both, and use either Mac OS or Windows. Side note, I know that it’s supposed to be called OS X but I really prefer Mac OS ;).

I’ve been working also on some very cools stuff that I’m not at liberty to share yet, sorry. But it’s really cool.

We are continuing improving the Automatic Presets. What you see in this page is an example of the Lucrezia “wet look” preset that is now part of Reality. Lucrezia is a stunning, original skin for Victoria made by Syyd Raven and it renders beautifully with Reality and LuxRender.

This is just an example of where we are going with Reality. The program is much, much more than a converter. The material editor is growing with incredible features while still retaining the ease of use that make it renown. The goal of Reality is to give you the ability to create stunning, realistic images with the smallest amount of work. We are working really hard to make it as close as possible to the fabled “art button” :).

So, good progress to Reality. I wish I could show more but I just wanted to give you an update that we are working around the clock with amazing features and both Poser and DAZ Studio artists will have some really nice surprises when this version will be out.

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Till the next time…


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