Paolo Ciccone, Dawn, Reality

On August 29th Reality 1.0 went on sale at the DAZ store and rendering for Studio and Poser changed forever.

Physics-Based Rendering–PBR for short–was a new technique for the 3D world in general and it was unheard of in the Poser/DAZ Studio universe. Reality introduced the concept and dominated the market for the years to come. 3D artists around the world became able to use lighting and materials as they were supposed to be: by absolutely accurate emulation of physical properties, instead of gross approximation as it was done before with renderers like 3Delight and Firefly. It changed the Poser/DAZ Studio market almost overnight.

For the past six years I had the privilege of serving this community of enthusiastic artists and making a living while doing so. You have welcomed Reality with open arms and produced an amazing body of work. I made new friends and discovered a world of possibilities that I could only imagine before. You provided great feedback and helped making Reality better.

Thank you very much for your continued support and friendship. To celebrate this milestone Reality and all presets will be on sale at 60% off for just two days.

Keep on rendering!


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