In what is now a weekly “tradition”, part 4 of the “Survival Guide” is now online. Expanding on the subject started last week, we work on making the 3D text look better by learning how to use additional fonts, how to create new materials and how to take advantage of optimized Ambient Occlusion.
These are all fairly dense topics but, as usual, I give you the condensed version of them so that you can start appreciating the features without being “clobbered” by the details.
I’m a big believer in “learn by doing” instead of “learn by endless list of features” 🙂 so the BSG continues in giving you a non-linear, target-oriented, presentation of the amazing power of Blender.

We are approaching the end of the Guide, since I think that six or seven episodes should be enough to get people started. I will continue presenting Blender tutorials after the BSG is completed but they will be single-topic lessons.
If you have any specific topic that you would like to see covered in the guide or other videos please drop me a line here or at the COW and let me know.

Episode 4 of the guide is at: http://library.creativecow.net/articles/ciccone_paolo/blender-survival-guid…

Happy Blendering.

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