There is a great change happening to the Reality gallery at deviantArt.The Reality Gallery at deviantArt

The gallery was started about two years ago as a way to gather art made with Reality and show it to the public at large. The stated goal was to give a sample of the best art that can be achieved with Reality and LuxRender.

To reach that goal I had set some guidelines and a review process based on high standards of realism. That approach worked but it caused a negative side effect. As some submissions were declined, some of the artists involved reacted negatively to that. A few of them even left the group, which saddened me a great deal.

It was never my intention to hurt the feelings of fellow 3D artists, especially the ones who invested time and money in Reality. My concern, in accepting or declining submissions, was only to provide the best viewing experience about Reality and 3D art in general.

I struggled with the dilemma of providing an inclusive gallery while, at the same time, creating a place where realistic artwork could be admired, and I think that I finally found a solution to that dilemma. Starting today we will accept every submission so that your work will receive the widest exposure possible. The only exceptions will be images with sexual or violent content. See our updated guidelines for more details.

The layout of the gallery remains fundamentally unchanged, with the top folders showing the images that we consider most professionally made, from the point of realism, lighting, composition and overall effect.

To satisfy the new philosophy we have invested in making this gallery a deviantArt Super Group. This allows us to structure the Honorable Mentions folder with subfolders to serve you in a better way, with more options and a clearer organization of the gallery. This is where the gallery becomes more more inclusive.

I hope that these changes will meet your favor. Thank you again for being such a great group of artists.


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