By now you have probably seen that Reality Automatic Presets are getting distributed. At the time of this writing there are just two presets: one for G3M and one for Victoria 7. I’m working on making many more, so watch this space for announcements.

Victoria 7 Automatic Preset promo
So, what’s the deal with those presets? Are they providing some kind of secret recipe? Is there some special technology at work?

The sets that you see distributed here use the same exact technology that is present in Reality 4.2.1.

I could list the whole series of numbers and textures needed to reach the result that is shown in the promotional images and you would be able to get the exact same result. Of curse it would be quite time-consuming to list all those parameters and to copy them.

What we are doing with the Automatic Presets–aka APs–is simply to put all those parameters into a file and distribute it with a neat installation guide. It’s a service that we provide to you, the Reality artist, because we realized that we have the largest amount of experience with Reality and we can provide great results in short time. In exchange we ask a very modest price for the service.

You can get the Victoria 7 preset seen in action in the promo image here, for $5.99. And if you bought it during the launch, it was $2.99, less than what you pay for a coffee. Count on similar offers for the next presets.

The presets are automatic. This means that you don’t have to apply them manually to the figure. Once you install an Automatic Preset in Reality, it is activated in  Reality whenever you add the figure with the selected skin to the scene. The same can happen with props, clothing, and hair.

Automatic Presets are a great way of getting incredible realism quickly and effectively. They install in seconds and provide immediate configuration of your  Reality materials. I hope that you enjoy how they work.

If you’d like to suggest presets for characters or objects that you use in your artwork, please post your suggestions below. We’d love to read them.


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