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-====== How can I report ​bug or suggest a new feature? ======+This is listing of the Reality Frequently Asked Questions
-Please use our [[http://​preta3d.com/​mantisbts/​login_page.php|BTS]] (Bug Tracking System). You will need to register ​for an account and wait until the account is enabled. From that point on you will be able to report your bugs. Please keep the following guidelines in mind in order to create ​the most effective and useful bug report: +  * [[How can I report a bug or suggest a new feature?|How can I report a bug or suggest a new feature?]] 
- +  * [[I try to register ​Reality but the process fails|I try to register Reality but the process fails]] 
-  * Be precise. Vague descriptions like "It doesn'​t work" can't be used to understand ​the problem +  * [[Retrieve your Reality license|Retrieve your Reality license]] 
-  * Provide a step-by-step description for reproducing the problem. Think to be guiding somebody who doesn'​t know Studio and Reality well and to be doing that over the phone. +  * [[Reality on the Web|Reality on the Web]] 
-  * Do not post detailed information ​about your system but be complete. Something likeMac OS 10.6, 12GB Ram. Or Windows 7, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 5870 for GPU with 1GB RAM. +  * [[How to Stop and Resume Renders|How ​to Stop and Resume Renders]] 
- +  * [[Are Mesh Lights Rendered Visible in Reality/​LuxRender?​|Are Mesh Lights Rendered Visible in Reality/​LuxRender?​]] 
- +  * [[SLG: error about a file format not found|SLGerror about a file format not found]] 
-To report bugs or suggest new features use this link:http://​preta3d.com/​mantisbts/​ +  * [[Distant Lights (Studio) or Infinite Lights (Poser)|Distant Lights (Studio) or Infinite Lights (Poser)]] 
- +  * [[Scaling IBL'​s|Scaling IBL'​s]] 
-**Please note:** each account ​can use a pseudonym but we don't' allow anonymous accounts, ​you must enter your real name and last name. All information is kept confidential. Accounts are checked one by one by a person ​and the ones without names or with fictitious names **will be disabled**.+  * [[General tipUntil you have tons of experience DO NOT USE THE GPU!|General tipUntil you have tons of experience DO NOT USE THE GPU!]] 
 +  [[Camera tip #1if you can'​t ​see anything in the scene your camera has been locked out|Camera tip #1: if you can't see anything in the scene your camera has been locked out]] 
 +  * [[Speed Tip|Speed Tip]] 
 +  * [[Red dots and some fireflies|Red dots and some fireflies]] 
 +  ​[[Does Reality support multiple instances of Poser and Studio?]]
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