Improved default lights for DAZ Studio. Free!

The default lighting in DAZ Studio is very unflattering and un-inspiring. Basically it’s one single flood light mounted on top of the camera and it creates very flat, boring lighting. I believe that this is because it’s assumed that you will supply your own lighting. And if you just need to do a quick test render, Studio provides with some mean of illumination.
That might be a good reason but the fact is that several people new to 3D illustration try DAZ Studio and get very mediocre results. Then they try Poser and they get a better render when using the same object. Of course, the logical conclusion seem that Poser is better than DAZ Studio.
The reality is that both Studio and Poser use very similar rendering engine. 3Delight, the render in Studio, is very similar to Firefly, the renderer of Poser. The difference is that Poser defaults to a simple three-point-light setup which is more interesting.

So, the lighting is the big deal here, not the rendering engine, and this can be easily fixed. DAZ Studio has a way of automatically load a file every time you either start the program or create a new scene.

I created a startup file for you that installs a simple but nice three-light system that immediately improves your lighting in Studio. This is not meant to be your final lighting, just the starting point. And if you are new to this new fascinating field of 3D rendering, my new default lighting will allow you to have decent renders while you figure out how to use lighting for your scenes.

You can see the difference by yourself. This image was created with the standard Studio light:


The following image shows exactly the same scene but with the new Studio lights:

Pretty nice, isn’t it?

Here is how to install and use the new default lighting:

  • Download the zip file by clicking here
  • Expand the zip file in a folder of your choice
  • Copy the file newDefaultLights.dsa in a folder of your liking
  • Start DAZ Studio
  • Go to the program’s Preferences. On Mac it’s in the usual place, on Windows should be under Edit/Preference
  • Click on the Scene tab- Click on the “Default Scene:” drop-down list and select “Browse for Scene…”
  • Navigate where you copied the newDefaultLights.dsa, select that file and confirm
  • Repeat the same operation for the “Default Scene on ‘New'” option
  • Click on the window’s “Accept” button and you’re done!

Please note. This is a freebie and it’s distributes “AS IS” without any guarantees. I assume absolutely no responsibility on how the script works and I provide absolutely no support for it. My desire is to improve your DAZ Studio experience but I cannot provide technical support for this.
Try it and have fun. When you’re ready to move to the next level you might want to try my Reality plug-in for Studio.

If you would like to give thank for this nifty lighting setup please consider “Liking” my Reality page on Facebook, it’s free and fun:

Have fun!


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