A rendering system that gives you photo-realistic, physically-accurate images directly in Poser or DAZ Studio.

Reality Materials

Reality materials are easier and more fun to use than any alternative.

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PLEASE READ: Reality will be phased on March 1st 2022. At that time this site will be shut down and that will cause Reality to stop on all computers. Please start planning your migration to a different render tool today.

You can read the full announcement here


Reality is the most advanced rendering solution for creating photo-realistic images right from DAZ Studio or Poser.
With Reality you gain unsurpassed physical accuracy, a workflow that is tailored for the 3D artist, and the ability to render your image without blocking DAZ Studio or Poser.

And with Reality you can change lights and exposure interactively, while the render runs.

Why settle for anything less?

3dworld magazine logoDefinitely a plug-in worth investing in.

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Astonishing Realism

Step outside the world of fake lights, fake materials and fake-looking results. With Reality 4 you gain access to physically-accurate materials and lights. Metal and glass are now easy to render at photo-realistic levels. Light is emulated using physically-accurate formulas thanks to the integration of LuxRender technology.

Seamless Integration

Whether you use Poser or DAZ Studio, Reality is ready at any time to give you astounding results. All materials, lights and camera parameters automatically converted and available in a simple, yet powerful User Interface that integrates perfectly with both Poser and DAZ Studio

Extensive Documentation

Reality comes with full documentation that includes examples, video tutorials and full reference information. The Reality User’s Guide has been praised by thousands of users as one of the best examples of documenting software.