Haven't Received Any News

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Haven't Received Any News

Postby seeker » Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:16 pm

Maybe you lost my email, but I never received any news about the transfer from RuntimeDNA to this site, nor any news about any future releases of Reality, and I have purchased Reality for both Poser and DAZStudio.
I do have several questions:
(1) Being a Macintosh user, I'm wondering of the Open CL has ever been fixed, so that the Graphics cards can be used for rendering.
(2) If this hasn't been fixed on El Capitan, there is a new version of the OS that supposedly will be released this fall. Will the Open CL be fixed in this new version?
(3) When rendering Black people in Reality, that is, in LUX, the face and bodies of the figures do not match together. Has this been fixed in any new version of Reality?
I'm just asking, just trying to find out what's what.

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