Effective Smoke Using a Prop

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Effective Smoke Using a Prop

Postby Nathanomir » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:50 pm

This, my friends, is how you cheat! It is easier for me to achieve a special effect within Studio than to try to do so in postwork. If my drawing skills were good enough to get smoke and fire in GIMP, I wouldn't be messing with 3D. Here is how I got a good smoke effect for a new scene, using a prop.

You've seen the below image before, but I want to draw your attention to the smoke rising over the burners.


The smoke began life as a prop from Smay's Fire & Smoke set; .

Take a look at the prop in the Studio preview plane.


This particular prop has three material zones. The others have less (there are four total smoke props in this set). The zones are separate meshes, and twisted around each other, making our lives easier. Each zone can be set to a different color or map. The works good as a matte-translucent object, but best when treated in the same way we get fog using a null. For the above scene, all three zones were turned into nulls and filled with a scattered volume.

For my scene, I decided that one volume was better than three separate ones. But for a campfire, or the aftermath of a good guy blasting baddies, three distinct volumes will give a great effect.

Below are the settings I used for the smoke volume, in Reality.


There are probably many other props that can be used in this manner. This is simply the one I have, and sees tons of use. Just because it's a prop with a map, doesn't mean it has to stay a prop with a map! These goodies are just raw materials until we get our little Reality fingers on them.
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Re: Effective Smoke Using a Prop

Postby pciccone » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:55 pm

And that's how it's done! Not a cheat, this is creative use of volumes and props. Thank you for the great tip.

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