Issue With Poser Subdivision...

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Issue With Poser Subdivision...

Postby Ranthar » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:20 am

* Poser version -, 64 bit, English localized
* Reality version -, 64 bit
* LuxRender version - 1.6.0 build 16132, 64 bit
* Windows 10, 64 bit
* CPU acceleration only
* Product used - V4.2, base version, no add ons

Please see the below image. Whenever I use subdivision in Poser (2 levels), the textures for the left toe and toenails cease to line up. It is most noticeable with the toenails, but there are gaps in the texture around the toes. In the image, this can be seen just above the gap between the first and second toes. You can also see it (not in this image) around the tips of the toes and on ball of the foot on the toe side.

Note that the right toes and toenails always appears correct, no texture issues. Only the left toes and toenails are affected and only when using Poser's subdivision. No other body parts appear to have this issue.


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