Not usable with cross platform luxrender

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Re: Not usable with cross platform luxrender

Postby timmy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:53 pm

Hi there

The test with the virtual machine I didn't yet do. It's not too much use, since I won't switch back to a VM. It's just too slow and restrictive.

Instead, I gave 3Delight a whirl. As it turns out, there is now no longer a need to run any Ribdepends manually; there is a button under advanced tab, if you click that you get two items: a folder with all the textures, shaders etc, and a Rib file. To my disappointment, the Rib file had still some path errors. not absolute C:/ paths, but still relative paths that weren't correct. I manually edited them, and rendering then worked.
But then I discovered something nice: that Rib file isn't the only one. Inside the folder with the textures is also a Rib file. And lo and behold, that one has all the correct (local) paths. Loading that file in the renderer works like a charm. No editing or hacking required.

At this time, I'm more result-focused than focused on real or perceived quality differences between renderers so I think that for now, I will stick with this. Sorry to waste all of your time... and $20 of mine... But it was a good learning experience in any case.
And who knows, maybe that thing with the texture collection sorts itself out one fine day... :-)

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Re: Not usable with cross platform luxrender

Postby fuzzy70 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:28 pm

I have to say I'm intrigued purely from a technical point of view (plus love challenges lol).

If I get a chance over the next week or so I'll install Linux in a VM and install DS & Reality in it via Wine. Reason being that in my eyes (plus looking at my scene files with "Texture Collection") Reality is saving the texture files somewhere & it's figuring out where Wine is putting them, it's been a long time since I have played with Wine but it will come back to me on how it translates file paths & where it puts them etc.

Looking at an example .lxs scene file there is a few things to note, 1st line is the .lxs file path and 2nd is where the original is stored on my machine.

Code: Select all

"string filename" ["Claire4-Resources/textures/Paladin2k15/P2k15_02__NORMAL.png"]

F:\Poser Content\Textures\runtime\textures\Luthbel\Paladin2k15\P2k15_02__NORMAL.jpg

This example was taken from a scene created on a Windows box.

  • The .lxs uses Unix style directory separators "/" compared to Windows "\" ones, which Reality creates I presume because Lux prefers that format and automatically translates it when it loads the scene if not running on a Unix based FS (otherwise Lux in Windows would fail using "/" separators).
  • The files are converted to .png format as the original was a .jpg (not important but listed for completeness).
  • The paths are truncated to only include the actual parent directory the image/texture is stored in (again not of any real importance)
  • The path is Relative and not Absolute
The 1st point is the one where a possible fix could be achieved by either a shell script or a global find/replace in a text editor. Until I install the VM & have a play to discover where Wine is actually saving the files Reality collects then I'm stabbing in the dark & just following logic. If there is a common "root" path then the job can proably be done with a script on any scene, otherwise using a text editor is not then end of the world :lol:

I do have a couple of Linux boxes but I run them headless and administer them remotely & setting up a monitor/kb/mouse is not worth the hassle, setting up a VM will actually be quicker and easier in my case plus believe it or not the VM will be more powerful.


Windows 10 x64, Daz Studio 4.9 x64, Poser Pro 11 & whatever the current version of Reality is :lol:

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