Reality DS plugin not working anymore

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Reality DS plugin not working anymore

Postby matr767 » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:07 am

First, I will tell you when the program stopped working, which is around the same time DAZ released 4.12+, I uninstalled everything of Reality, including LuxRender, made sure plugin was no longer appearing in DAZ, downloaded the latest 64-Bit Windows version from this site and installed it. Still no Reality window appearing when selected through the Render Menu of DAZ. Started with simple Genesis character, added Reality Overhead Mesh Light, created camera, selected Reality Render from Render Menu in DAZ, no Reality window appears. Then tested with simple sphere, Reality overhead mesh light and camera, selected Reality Render from Render Menu in DAZ, no Reality window appears. I also will tell you this started happening out of the blue around the time they started adding DAZ Central. Reality DS does not show in DAZ Central as a Plugin. Not sure if this is the problem, but thought I would mention it here. Below is all of the information you request in the Top Sticky post. Anything else you would like, please let me know. I truly enjoy using Reality for rendering and now it appears as if DAZ is discontinuing supporting it or something. Hope that is not the case. Thanks.

Reality DS - I installed the latest Windows 64-Bit version you offer here for download
LuxRender Version 1.6.0 Build 16132 - This LuxRender Version is installed when installing Reality DS.
I use the RTX-2080TI with no acceleration and no OC.
Reality will not start. When selecting it from the Render Menu in DAZ, it does not start.
My O/S is Windows 10 Pro


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Re: Reality DS plugin not working anymore

Postby cowdog » Wed Jan 06, 2021 2:23 pm

The "Reality Editor Not Loading" thread addresses the same issue.

If the plugin is working, you don't have to create an environment to open the Reality Editor window. You just can't render until you have something loaded, i.e. object, lighting, camera.

I have two platforms: One legacy system running Windows 7 Pro, and the other with Windows 10 Home. Both systems have DAZ Studio 4.14, but only the legacy system works with Reality. The newer system fails to launch the editor window.

Key differences between the two systems are: OS, GPU, and anti-virus software. I believe that Reality uses sockets to communicate. If your anti-virus is blocking socket communication then the plugin won't work. In my case, I've put both DS and Reality into the exception list for the firewall.

My legacy system uses a GTX 970, while the new system uses an RTX 3070. I don't know enough about the internal architecture of the Reality plugin to determine if that's a factor. What I do know is that Luxus (another plugin that invokes luxrender) works in the new system.

On a side note, Octane fails to run on the new system (Cuda Cores are set to "?"), but runs on the legacy system.

The Reality source code is available as open source now. It's in a Mercurial Repository. However, it was built with Visual Studio 10 (which I don't have) and the build notes are incomplete the last time I looked. I'd attempt to debug the application if I could get it to build, but I only have Visual Studio Community 2019 at my disposal and things have changed significantly since v. 10. (Also, I'm not a windows developer, so I'm at a disadvantage.)

Sorry if none of this helps. The one thing I'd look at is your anti-virus configuration (if that's changed).

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