TIF copied as PNG into resources directory?

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TIF copied as PNG into resources directory?

Postby sjanke » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:00 pm

Daz Studio 4.10 Pro, LuxRender 1.6, Reality 4.3.1

Have a simple plane object with a material I assigned via Reality. It is a wallpaper texture I found online, with PNG files for diffuse, specular, and bump, but a TIF for displacement. Reality didn't complain when I assigned the textures to the appropriate slots, but when I started Luxrender, I would get an error:

[2018-12-28 10:52:29 Error: 4] Cannot recognise file format for image 'reality_scene-Resources/textures/wallpaper-2/wallpaper_2-displacement.png'

In the resources directory, the "PNG" file for displacement was actually the original TIF file, but it seemed like it was renamed to PNG, or not successfully converted from the TIF (depending on what Reality does at this step). Of course, it's not a PNG file and it failed to load. I got around this by converting the original TIF file to a PNG, then assigning the PNG to the displacement slot in Reality. Now when the file gets copied/converted to the resources directory, it's really a PNG file.

Simple workaround so it's not blocking me.

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