Cannot add items to scene file

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Re: Cannot add items to scene file

Postby sigstan » Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:03 am

pruiz wrote:Thank you Sigstan - I suspected I have a messed up content library - I'll probably just a clean reinstall of Daz Studio and figure out how to clean up the content. it's a stupid nit but the little red reality logo disappeared from the 'reality render editor' tab in daz 4.9 - should that be or is it an indication of a messed up reality install? Thanks again for your help.

There is no logo on the Reality entry of the render menu in the latest version of DS. I hadn't actually noticed that. But it has no impact on the functionality of Reality.

Your basic installation of DS is probably okay, but the content directories and the content database is in a bad shape. So the key to the solution is to fix content structure.

I usually back up every DIM-file download, before hitting install, which means I can later copy all the files back to the DIM download directory, if I need to re-install everything (would be last option though). But obviously it can take a lot of disk space (i have around 900 products/60 GB). I also at least once a year take a backup of all the content directories just in case. Being forced to do a total re-download of all products at one point taught me the value of this ;)

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