Can't render - Runtime Error

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Can't render - Runtime Error

Postby p62dok » Thu May 18, 2017 12:28 pm


i've just reinstalled Reality for Daz Studio, and i can't render with openCL option activated.
i am using Daz Studio Pro 64bits under Windows 10 64bits 15063.296
Reality Plugin version is
Luxrender version is 1.6.0 build 16132
Screnshots of config are here


Message in Luxrender: "Severe error: 2] RUNTIME ERROR: OpenCL device selection string has the wrong length, must be 3 instead of 2"
I've got an integrated Intel HD 4600 and a Nvidia GeForce 740M

can you please tell me what to do ?


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Re: Can't render - Runtime Error

Postby sigstan » Fri May 19, 2017 1:50 pm

Reality can see your GT 740M and the Intel CPU, but not the internal Intel HD 4600. However Luxrender detects all three and complains about the wrong number of devices stated in the scene file.

You currently have 2 choices that I know of:
1) Disable the internal HD 4600 that Reality cannot see, which will stop Luxrender from complaining. This is what most people do, but obviously not a solution, if you want to use the internal GPU for something.

2) Always render using export only and then manually edit the scene files to include the missing information. See for example: for examples.

It should be possible to synchronize OpenCL device detection between Reality and Luxrender, so I'm hoping that Paolo will provide a solution for this issue at some point. It has popped up far too often lately.

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