Take control of your materials – Part 3

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Take control of your materials – Part 3

Postby Kimberly58 » Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:52 pm


In we have seen what kind of material editors are available in Poser and DAZ Studio. In we dug deeper on why those programs ended up with intimidating, difficult to use material editors. Today we are going to see the alternative and why it works.

Material Types

We learn about materials before we learn how to speak. As infants, we are compelled to touch and explore the new world around us. Even though we don’t know what they are called, we have a very tactile experience of plastic, glass, metal, fabric, skin, and all the other great materials around us. Later on, our parents teach us the names for those materials and some time later we learn how to speak those names. click here to all of the post.

Please let us know if your this series useful.

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