Possibility of AMD Chipset Acceleration...

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Possibility of AMD Chipset Acceleration...

Postby Drakkendark » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:06 pm

Given that AMD is doing great things with their CPUs like Ryzen aand Threadripper, and with the announcement that in Q3 2018 there will be a 32-core 64 thread Treadripper available, and considering that Intel has been messing up royally in terms of new releasesthat are underwhelming, I am wondering if you have any plans in the near future to allow the acceleration the intel chipset users enjoy to be created for AMD chips? I am wondering beczuse I built an AMD/Nvidia computer to run reality 2.5, and then a few months later Reality 4 came out with the accelleration that only really worked for intel as you stated. Now I do not yet have a Ryzen build. I am currently running on an FX build. I originally thought that the 8 built in GPUs would be able to be utilized, but honestly, all of those options are sorely lacking compared to the tutorials that you have released. I do have a 4 core 8 thread laptop with an intel i-7 in it that renders really fast. Given current bang for your buck, it would be great if AMD got the same acceleration. Again, as I told you a few years back on Renderosity, your bridge is still the best render option inspite of IRAY. Lux just looks better. Anyway, I know you said in your news breifing that you cannot tell us anything about Reality 5 just yet, but please try to let us know before you release it so that those of us thinking of upgrading our build with running your plugin in mind can prepare appropriately. On my expensive build, reality 2.5 works better than reality 4 with the AMD FX chipset, and IRAY, due to my 980ti works best of all by far timewise, but the results are lacking in comparison to Reality.
Thanks again Paolo,

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