Reality does not see figure in scene

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Reality does not see figure in scene

Postby edaltonray » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:47 pm

I have loaded a figure and created a distant light but upon launching Reality there is no object in the scene.

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Re: Reality does not see figure in scene

Postby Rivaliant » Sun Jun 17, 2018 6:25 am

Reality has a pretty bad issue about 'seeing' objects in the scene related to something that was never looked into

after a point, Realty stops updating its Material tab with new items in scene
after this happens the scene file is pretty much 'broken' is the term i used for it
there are ways to trick Reality to update the material tab with new items

on a preexisting scene, you can save the items that are missing as a "Scene Subset",
in the Save as drop down menu you will see a list of options
the first two are "Scene" and "Scene Subset" (yes these are two diffrent thing)
Selecting Subset will open a menu which you select the items in the window that opens with the check marks and save it as something you'll remember
Save the scene file as it is as a "Scene"

and close down Daz completely

you're then going to Load the Scene Subset by it self from a folder called "Scene Subset"
and open Reality to insure that the items appear in the Material tab.
What saving something as a Scene Preset does is strip the scene of ANY information related to Reality and starts the scene brand new.

after that you're going to go to your folder called "Scenes" that should house the full scene save

you're going to right click on the icon in the item window, and "Merge into Scene"

this is going to merge the Scene file into the Scene Subset
This will Plug the missing items into the scene

in the Scene tab, are going to be copies of the items now labeled with (2) or whatever generation it is
These can be safely deleted

from here on out you have to be careful of anything you add or remove to the scene
you can no longer add items into the scene and if you for any reason accidently delete and item from the scene, it is lost, even if you Undo the deletion, it will be deleted from the Materials tab and reality, and will no longer get exported to Luxrender

if you wish to just Add and item into a scene after this problem as started, you can save your scene and close it out
open Daz and dump all the objects and models you wish, then merge the scene file back in and carry on

its a frustrating work around but it works

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Re: Reality does not see figure in scene

Postby PlatnumK » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:31 am

You can also try this, Close REALITY, select the object that you are having problems with in the Scene Tab, Now hit Delete, then Undo the delete either from the Edit Menu, or using the Keyboard Shortcut, Now start REALITY and the obj should appear.

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Re: Reality does not see figure in scene

Postby edaltonray » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:41 am

Thanks to you both. I tried both solutions and now am able to see the object and materials in Reality.

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