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Reality 3 for Poser connects your scenes to the power of LuxRender, the physically-accurate, unbiased, Open Source renderer.

Render images of astonishing realism with LuxRender using Reality 3 for Poser.

Reality 3 for Poser works on Mac OS and Windows, 32 and 64 bit versions.

Reality 3 is a giant leap for artist-kind. Finally, I can use Poser for final renders. – toulouse2@RuntimeDNA

Reality 3 for Poser unretouched render

Features at a glance

  • Automatic conversion of geometry, materials, lights and cameras.
  • Support of Poser procedural nodes.
  • Zero-click SSS. Reality automatically sets the Sub-Surface Scattering for skin materials without requiring the user to do anything.
  • Fully-featured material editor to take advantage of the powerful features of Lux, including procedural textures, layered textures and volumes.
  • Physics-based materials with presets. Metal, Water, Cloth and more.
  • Integrated light editor allows you to simulate real-life light
  • Mesh lights, Sun light and other props included.
  • Support for High-Dynamic Range IBL in LatLong and Poser format.
  • Beautiful material preview integrated and completely automatic.
  • Seamless integration with Poser.
  • Renderfarming completely supported.
  • Ability to stop and resume the render thanks to LuxRender.
  • Many more.

A Poser plugin like no other

To make the Reality plugin possible we teamed with Smith Micro and co-designed a new plug-in architecture for Poser 9/Pro 2012, called the Poser Add-on Framework. This framework provides, for the first time, complete integration of plug-ins into the Poser architecture.

Cross-grade for Reality 2 users

We also offer a convenient crossgrade for all users of Reality 1 or Reality 2 for DS. The crossgrade is just our way to thank our faithful customers. It doesn’t change the way Reality 2 for DS works. You will be able to run both Reality 2 and Reality 3 for Poser. See below for the purchase information.


Purchase information:

- Reality plugin for Poser. Limited time offer!
 $39.95$35.95 Add to Cart
- Crossgrade to Reality 3 for Poser from Reality for Daz Studio $14.95   Upgrade

System requirements:

  • Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012 with the Service Release 3 installed, or Poser 10/Pro 2014.
  • Dual-core Intel processor with at least 2GB RAM.
  • Vertical screen resolution of 700 pixels or more.
  • For Macintosh: Mac OS 10.7 or above
  • For Windows: Windows 7 or above

Reality 3 for Poser is also available through RuntimeDNARenderosity and YURDigital. They run some great sales so please check them out!

All sales are final.


This program is a must have.- Tempesta3D@Renderosity

…the near photo realistic quality reachable with the free Luxrender system is really amazing (and I’m used to Mental Ray or C4D) – giese4rundna@RuntimeDNA

The crystal clear twinkle of glass under ancient lights, the flash of brightly colored spell effects blazing in a starlit night, the blush of freckles ‘tween lace and auburn curls, and the softness of light filtering through darkness and dust. But, what I love most? Seeing everything from fantasy, to goth, to steampunk, to backyard romance come to life in the renders of Reality, looking just as if they walked from a photograph — or your own back door right onto your scene!! – Mary Williams – (Nightsong)

Fortunate enough to have beta tested and created renders for Reality, it changed the way I view the tools of my creation, and how to use them. I learned more about Poser in the last six weeks as a result of Reality than I have since I opened Poser in 1998. Reality forced me to rethink, plan and hone every technical weapon in the render arsenal and the proof is visible. Having a bridge to Lux with such powerful materials is the gateway to a physics based render world with limitless potential. – Syyd Raven – Cofounder of RuntimeDNA

Reality to me is the key to the Render Alchemist’s Cabinet of Lux! From day one with Reality3 I was seeing possibilities that I never considered with just Poser alone. Reality takes what we already know and do in Poser and expands it into the Real. I cannot begin to say how impressed I am with the material system, and how easy Paolo has made it for us to use. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Reality 3, and it has truly opened my eyes to a brighter physically lit future. – Eric VanDycke (Traveler@RuntimeDNA)