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Looking for information about Reality for DAZ Studio? Go to our detailed feature list page.

Reality for DAZStudio that gives your the power to render your scenes with LuxRender and SLG, the GPU-only version of Lux.

Reality 2 for DAZ Studio: aweReality 2 comes in seven different “flavors”:

  • Reality for DAZ Studio 4 Mac OS 32-bit
  • Reality for DAZ Studio 4 Mac OS 64-bit
  • Reality for DAZ Studio 4 Window 32-bit
  • Reality for DAZ Studio 4 Windows 64-bit
Your license gives you the ability to run any of these versions as long as one single person uses that license at any given time. Once the purchase is done you will receive links to download any or all seven versions. If you purchased Reality 1.25 after Nov. 10th 2011 the upgrade is free. Simply click on the Upgrade button and your order will be recognized and a coupon for the full amount of the upgrade will be issued.

Reality plugin for DAZ Studio. Limited time offer!
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Upgrade to Reality 2 from Reality 1.x$19.95 Upgrade

Please note: Reality 2 requires either DAZ Studio or DAZ Studio or above.

System requirements:

  • Dual-core Intel processor with at least 2GB RAM.
  • Vertical screen resolution of 800 pixels or more.
  • For PCs Windows XP or above.
  • For Macinstosh,  OS 10.6 or above.

Reality is also available at the Renderosity MarketPlace. You can use that channel and use Renderosity credits or gift certificates.

All sales are final.