Last time we looked at the texture editor in more detail. Today I’d like to take a break from all that theory and see how easily we can work on the materials to get something really cool out of them.

We are going to customize Latex colors.

For this tutorial I’m going to use Poser, but that is not an obstacle for DAZ Studio users because we will do most of the work in Reality, which works exactly the same whether you use Poser or DAZ Studio. So, if you are a Studio user, please keep on reading, it will be useful for you too.

The scene

The scene that we are going to use is this:

Latex scene in Poser

We are using Victoria 4 with the “Killer Catsuit” by Exnem. If we call Reality and render this scene, without changing anything, we get a this result:

Default catsuit

Let’s say that we want to convert the material for the Catsuit to blue Latex. We could start tweaking the parameters until we get the right amount of shine, which would not be that difficult, or we can take a shortcut. I love shortcuts, let’s try that.

  • Select the material, which in this case is named catsuit.
  • Right-click on it and, from the menu, select Apply a universal preset.
  • This calls the Universal preset browser.

Universal Preset Browser

  • From the Category drop-down list, select Fabric.
  • Select Purple latex. There is no blue variant so we start with this color.

Let’s do a quick test render if this indeed works as it’s “advertised”:

Latex catsuit in purple

It does, and the result is much more interesting than the first try. Not bad for such a simple modification, isn’t it? But purple is not blue and we said that we wanted blue latex. So, remembering from the previous blogs that the Diffuse channel is what gives the color to a material, we select the catsuit material in the CatsuitBody object and click on the color swatch of the Diffuse channel. The color picker of the OS will be presented to makes us select a color of our choice:

Changing the diffuse color

Let’s select a nice, rich blue, like 68:92:185:

Blue Latex Color

Which gives us our stated goal:

Blue latex catsuit

Voilà! Shiny blue latex with just a few clicks.


Let’s see what we have done. We have replaced the default material on a garment with a Universal Preset. Since the preset didn’t have the exact color that we wanted, we changed it by acting on the Diffuse texture. The result is that we have created the desired effect while not having an exact preset for that. We can now use this approach to create any kind of color, and not just what is available via presets.

I hope this quick lesson has been useful, as usual, please leave your comments her and let me know your opinion.

Happy rendering.


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