Download Reality 2

To download Reality you need to be a registred Reality user. Please be sure to have your Reality 2.x order number and serial number available.

If you are not a Reality user you can purchase the plug-in here.

The order number and serial number were sent to you via email at the moment of purchase of Reality. The order serial number for Reality 1 (starting with SPARLTY-...) will not work. The order number/serial number combination was sent to you via email. Order numbers have been issued by Pret-a-3D, Renderosity and DAZ. They are all accepted in this form.

Order Number   Serial Number

Select the version of Reality that you would like to download:

Downloads are monitored and logged. A maximum of four download are allowed for each file per month. If you need more please contact Pret-a-3D via email. See your documentation for support information.