How to Stop and Resume Renders

Lux allows you to stop and resume your renders at any time. This is an optional feature which is disabled by default in Lux but Reality enables it for all scenes that it generates. The feature is based on the creation of a “film” file, a file that keeps track of the status of Lux at any point in the process. The file has the same name of your image file but with the extension “.flm”. You can stop a Reality-created render at any time, and close Lux. To restart the render from where it stopped:

  • Launch Lux directly, outside Reality.
  • Select the File/Resume FLM menu option.
  • Lux will first ask you for the .lxs file. Select the scene file.
  • Lux then will ask you for the .flm file, and again make your selection.
  • In a few seconds you will see the render resume from where it was stopped and continue the refining process.
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