No Reality option in the Studio menu

If you don't see the Reality option in the Studio menu first check if Reality has been installed correctly. In the Studio menu select Help | About Installed Plugins. Search for an entry labelled Reality DS. If it's in there the continue reading, otherwise it means that you have not installed Reality. Run the installer and you'll be all set.

If Reality appears as correctly loaded in the “About Installed Plugins” dialog box than you are experiencing a bug in DS4 that causes the menus to be “stuck”.

Simply switch the Studio layout to something different (from the Studio menu select Window/Workspace/Select Layout) than the current one and then switch back to your favorite layout. The menu should be showing the Reality option.

You can also activate Reality using the keyboard shortcut:

  • For Reality 4: Cmd-Opt-y (Mac OS) or Ctrl-Alt-Y (Windows)
  • For Reality 2: Cmd-Shift-L (Mac OS) or Ctrl-Shift-L (Windows)
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