It’s that time again!
The glorious conclusion to our book promo is available! The Blender Survival Guide is online, at Creative COW.

I’m particularly pleased by this episode because it highlights a series of tricks that are at the same time simple and useful.
In setting up a scene or animation one of the most important features of the program is how you manipulate the objects, how you change their position, how you move them in the right spot. This week’s episode addresses all that.

Blender includes a bona-fide Non-Linear Editor (NLE). Nothing to threaten Adobe or Apple but a very handy tool that can be used at any time, on any machine, and that handles sequences of images with extreme ease. BSG #8 shows you how to enable it to add music to your Blender animation.

Lastly you might wonder how to set up a shot that uses two or more cameras. All covered in this episode of the Guide.

We are approaching the end of what I call a “Survival Guide” but more Blender tutorials, more topic-oriented, are scheduled to be released, here at Creative COW. The development of Blender 2.5 is finally reaching Beta status, and soon I’ll be busy planning a new set of video tutorials using the new version of Blender. It’s gonna be fun!

The Blender Survival Guide #8 is available here.

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