This is the first time that I blog in a long while. The reason for coming back is that I can’t believe what I read. Apple has deprecated OpenGL, the one tool that is absolutely INDISPENSABLE for running many advanced 3D programs today.

DAZ Studio uses OpenGL to draw on the screen. Poser does as well. Blender uses OpenGL for everything in their interface.

When you couple this announcement with the past blunders, like making a laptop without an SD Card, and giving the lame excuse that “everything will be done wirelessly” (hey, Apple, have you ever tried to download 800+ 24-megapixel photos via wifi?) you can only wonder if Apple has completely lost touch with the real world and it’s now so detached that they live in a parallel dimension, very far from their customers.

Dropping support for OpenGL is the dumbest, most irresponsible, customer-hostile move that Apple has done in a long time. Autodesk has already dropped support for the Mac for some of their applications and this is only going to get worse. If OGL is a dead-end on the Mac, it makes no sense to invest money and resources today, just to have the proverbial rug being pulled out of our feet tomorrow.

This is the final straw Apple. You have not made a viable computer for professional in 8 years. You have convinced us that OpenCL was the way to go, just to stop it shortly after. You don’t have a single computer that appeals to the visual-arts professional, your laptops are going backward instead of forward (they cost more and offer less,) and now you are going to make a whole category of applications unable to run in a very near future.

At this point, I don’t believe a single word about the upcoming Mac Pro. If you, Apple, were giving a single, solitary damn about the visual arts professionals you would know that OGL is absolutely fundamental to applications like Maya, Blender, Modo, and many others. Are you really that clueless?

We got the message: you don’t give a damn about us. Well, thank you for the ride all these years. It was a great ride and I will miss Mac OS greatly. It’s a hell of an OS, the best in the world. But I will switch to Windows once OpenGL is phased out.

This makes me so furious, I can’t believe that there are people so clueless driving what was a magnificent company.

Please share this with as many people you know. It’s time that Apple hears something else than the chorus of “yes!” from the fanboys. Obviously, that got to their heads.


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