This week episode of the Blender Survival Guide is a direct response to the feedback that you have sent after Episode 9 was published. Being able to edit the value and position of each keyframe to fine tune your animation is a necessary ability and the BSG 10 shows you how to do it.
Blender’s animation tools are very sophisticated and powerful but they use a unique layout for the UI and at first it might not be that clear where everything is. That’s why I wanted to cover this topic, once again, from the perspective of the MoGraph artists so that you can now see where everything is without having to read chapter after chapter of stuff that might never be used. Like rigging, for example.

So, if you were wondering how to create a “hold frame” or how to re-time your Blender animation, or you wanted to learn how to use markers (Blender has markers?), go to the Blender Survival Guide #10, it’s available at this link:

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