When I started the BSG I didn’t know if it would be even noticed. Well, you made it very clear since the beginning that there was a crowd of people “hungry” for accessible training about Blender. And so I kept delivering an episode every week for 10 weeks. Then I took a little break and now I have delivered two episodes in one day completing a standard set of 13 episodes of a TV show:

BSG 12: http://library.creativecow.net/ciccone_paolo/blender-survival-guide-12/1

BSG 13: http://library.creativecow.net/articles/ciccone_paolo/blender-survival-guide-13.php

I hope you will enjoy them. The Blender Survival Guide, or BSG, is now available on your desktop, on your iPad and on iTunes as a Podcast.
I’m quite happy with it and I think it will keep people busy for a while. Similarly to what happenes after the final episode of a TV season I’m gonna take a break and come back in a while with more and more content.

This “break” doesn’t influence the other Blender activites at the COW and I will be always available via our wonderful forum so continue to post your comments, requests and suggestions for new BSG topics.

So, as we say in Italian, “arrivederci”, which means “we’ll see each other again”, and keep blendering!


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